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 New Power Generation Inc. 
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Orlando, FL 32839

Lord Christopher A. Lopez

Lord Christopher A. Lopez

CEO & President

Since 1983, Christopher A. Lopez has been on a crusade to make a difference while making a difference. Originally a Crusader with A. L. Williams, helping families discover the buy Term and Invest the difference philosophy on a part-time basis. During his formative years in the 80's, Christopher attended USC, was a Community Service Officer for the Huntington Park Police Department, an instructor with Bell Gardens High School Music Department and an Imagineer with Disney all at the same time. During the time that Christopher was serving in the U. S Army,  A.L.Williams became what is now known as Primerica. Upon his return to Primerica, his crusade lived on.  In 2014, Christopher decided that the Crusades original intent had to be restored. The creation of New Power Generation Inc., a company dedicated to the crusade of making a difference while making a difference. Helping families become Debt Free, Properly Protected and THRIVE during retirement. An opportunity for those who are motivated to build a business within a business without any financial risk. No one in New Power Generation Inc. pays any fees to become a crusader, no monthly fees are ever charged and there are never any sales quotas. Christopher has dedicated his life to empowering people to take control of their lives, educating and coaching people so that they can build an organization that they will own for generations to come.  Christopher has earned the titles of Lord, Financial Professional, Certified Business & Human Rights Consultant, LCAM Professional, Ordained Minister, AFSP, NSA, Director of Music and Imagineer. 


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