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Jerome Valencia

Jerome Valencia

Senior Vice President

In 2010, I was living in Shreveport, Louisiana, when my wife’s best friend Wilma Lopez and her family visited us during their vacation. They were taking a tour around all the U.S. states from California. I met Christopher Lopez, who is Wilma’s husband. Chris was retired at the time from all his positions that he had been working, even from Primerica. Chris and I talked non- stop, all day and night. During this time, I’ve been working as a cook, doing business as Salad Master consultant and also a full-time house husband for our two kids. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, an OIC license officers of the ship.

Chris was willing to go back into business and help me build up a business through helping friends and family get properly protected (which I didn’t have any idea at the time) and thrive for retirement (which is also didn’t know too). These problems don’t stop Chris, he loves what he does and making a difference while making a difference is his life. Even when he was on the other side of the planet,  which I thought it is impossible for him to train me and build the business from that distance. Distant relationship always come out not good, But he kept his promise to help me. He is still all in and motivated to make an impact in our lives.

Chris said what he wants to do. So, I gave it a try, a test drive because there is  potential and opportunity in our first meeting. First is I learned how to become debt free. Second, how to be properly protected, because of the different kind of life insurance products that are sold, I was being taken advantage of. Third , we learned how money works. Specially, there is a lot of retirement plans offered everywhere, which I didn’t know anything. Saving and investing wasn’t in my vocabulary during this time. Fourth , a potential and opportunity to build a business within a business. A business that I own, that I can give to my children and start a legacy. All I had to do is try.
Why I’m telling this story? Because friends help friends retake control of their lives. Now, not only I’m a business owner in New Power Generation, I’ve learned that I could help others build a business. I learned how money works, and I can make a difference while making a difference for someone. From that time until now, our crusade doesn’t change. “Crusade of helping families become Debt Free, Properly Protected and THRIVE during retirement”.


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