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New Power Generation Inc .
NPG Financial Services Inc.
7726 Winegard Rd, Suite 17
Orlando, FL 32809
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John Paul Toth

John Paul Toth

Executive Vice President

Since 2003, John Paul Toth has been determined to make a difference through helping families and friends become debt free and financially independent.  He understands that value of helping families learn of the buy term and invest the difference theory which has been around for years. John Paul has earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. John always knew that in today’s society, the average person would never receive the knowledge they would need to succeed financially. This is what motivated John Paul to remain dedicated to help families since joining the financial services industry. John Paul represents New Power Generation where together we will help families become properly protected, debt free and THRIVE during retirement. John Paul has dedicated his life to developing leaders who want to take control of their lives, educating people so they can build an organization that will last for generations.


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