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 New Power Generation Inc. 
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NPG CAM Services Inc. 
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Taylor Krieger

Taylor Krieger

Regional Vice President

The beginning of my financial journey was linked with my life experiences. Back in 2014 I was introduced to Christopher Lopez, by my aunt Donna Flores, and he taught me how to protect myself financially, save money and make a little money learning how to help myself. Things didn't go as planned and I let life take over which led me away from New Power Generation. I was fresh out of college and looking to find my way in life; this led me to multiple jobs and multiple frustrations. All the while I was paying myself first so that I was always independent and debt free. I managed to travel the world a bit and see many different ways of life and different people. I became more sociable and more experienced while also learning more about myself and who I will become. During all of this, something was missing. With every new place and every new job or circumstance, I kept thinking back to all I had learned those years ago in NPG with Chris Lopez. All the protection and all the investments were still there working for me and helped me through my life experiences. Now I am building my own family, my own friends and my own decisions for my life. I am taking on the responsibilities for my life and the responsibilities of my family and this passion extends to anyone who needs help to help themselves. I now have my own business and through education I am helping people become debt free, properly protected, and thrive during retirement.


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